164 cm to Feet (5.38 feet)

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Learn about the process of converting 164 cm to feet, a common conversion in measurement units.
164 cm to Feet (5.38 feet)

Unfolding the Conversion of 164 cm into Feet

164 cm is equivalent to 5.38 feet. This conversion is an important aspect of understanding heights as different countries use diverse measurement units. Length, height, or distance is usually represented in centimeters, meters, or feet; therefore, being able to convert cm into feet is a handy skill to possess.

Approximately 1 in 3 Americans are not familiar with the metric system, which uses centimeters. This signifies the diversity in measurement units across the globe. Therefore, understanding the conversion from 164 cm to feet provides a common ground of understanding for everyone.

Interestingly, tall European buildings are often calculated in meters or centimeters, unlike American skyscrapers, which are measured in feet. If you were to discuss the height of a European building with an American, you would be converting centimeters or meters to feet and inches.

There are numerous online tools available that assist users in accurate conversions. Simply inputting "164 cm to feet" yields the precise conversion of 5.38 feet. This conversion aids in tasks ranging from construction to fashion, where understanding both metric and imperial units is instrumental for global communication.

In perspective, it's easier to comprehend heights in feet over centimeters. For example, world-renowned basketball player Michael Jordan is 198 cm tall. When converted to feet, he stands at an impressive 6.5 feet.

Converting metric units to imperial units is a common occurrence not only in architecture and sports but also in fields like aviation and even in everyday life activities like cooking.

So, how does this conversion work exactly?

It's pretty straightforward. We know that one foot is equivalent to 30.48 centimeters. So, to convert 164 cm to feet, you would divide 164 by 30.48, rendering the result, 5.38 feet.

Link: Comprehensive Conversion Guide from Metric to Imperial Units

However, relying solely on this conversion might result in an approximation when written to a certain decimal place. But keep in mind, for most practical purposes, this level of precision is ample.


Q: How tall in feet would a person be if they are 164 cm tall?

A: A person who is 164 cm tall is approximately 5.38 feet tall.

Q: How do I convert cm to feet manually?

A: You can convert cm to feet by using this formula: number of cm / 30.48. So, for example, to convert 164 cm to feet, you divide 164 by 30.48, which gives 5.38 feet.

Q: Is 164 cm considered tall?

A: That depends on where in the world you are. However, globally, an average woman is around 5.25 feet tall, and an average man stands at about 5.64 feet. So, 164 cm, or roughly 5.38 feet, would be considered moderate in height.

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