Series – Another way to navigate this site

I’ve finally done some of the work of grouping related blog posts and making that available on a single page that can be found easily.

At the top of each page, there is a Home, About, and Series tab.  The Series tab is new.  When you hit it, a page will show that guides you through some of the series of blog posts that may otherwise be hard to find.  Normally, you can find recent posts, and you can find top-visited posts.  You can also follow links inside of each blog post (usually to find predecessor posts).

Some of you may look for related posts using tags.  This is a more haphazard undertaking; one of my tags is models.  And indeed, mathematical models are very important in mathematics, and very important in this blog.  However, if you follow the models tag, you mostly find posts about people modeling clothes or modeling bodies.  If you follow those links, I won’t blame you if you don’t find your way back to this blog.

Series is more like an index to this blog.  However, it is by no means complete.

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