This blog on math learning has been around for almost two years, and there is plenty of material here that I would like people to be able to find easily.  In blogs it is very easy, by design, to find the most recent material.  When material scrolls off the front page, it could get lost.

The “Top Posts” section on the right hand side gives easy access to those posts that previous readers have found in large numbers. Sometimes, this situation is self-perpetuating in that people click on these posts from the “Top Posts” section, and so generate more traffic to them.

The “Series” link at the very top right gives access to a special page that I maintain, in which entire series of posts are summarized and linked to.  If you read this blog regularly, or if you simply look at the “Recent Posts” summary, you will see that I often write extensively on a single broad topic, and those kinds of posts really want to be read from first to last rather than last to first (as would happen if you simply read the home page from the top and then keep scrolling down.)

Here, in the BestOf page, available from the top right of the home page, I will link posts that I’m particularly interested in you having access to, because I think they’re good, even if they haven’t been widely found yet.  Obviously, my selection of these posts will have my biases and subjectivity on display.  Still, my intent is that new readers or occasional readers of this blog would find posts of interest here, posts that are relatively self-contained and that don’t require very specialized background to appreciate.

Math in the Comics – part 9 – Dilbert wows his audience with a pie chart.  Math as something that convinces – but how?  Smiting them with math spells?

What is Multiplication – part X – A scene at a Trader Joe’s illustrating a shared understanding (simple, but subtle) about multiplication.

The Whole and the Parts – Packaging – On school book examples versus the real world.  The real math in my daughter’s “How to Draw Anime” book.

In the Middle – How kids find the middle of a line and the middle of two numbers.  The relationship between middle with average, and kid’s surprise about that relationship.

Math and Fraction Keys – Fractions are an important part of math in school, and certain calculators can perform fraction-specific things like reducing fractions: who uses such calculators?

Notes on Notation – Variables – one of several posts that looks at what makes algebra such an impenetrable barrier for so many students.  This one looks at it from the aspect of variables – letters that stand for numbers – and how students grapple with that.

Notes on Fractions – Deferred Computation – Are fractions the same as division or are they very different?  Students are often unclear.  A look at fractions as division postponed.

Quantity – Different Kinds of Numbers: Classes – A look at places that are organized as a front offices and a back office, and what that might have to do with math.

1 Response to BestOf

  1. Susan G. Dingle says:

    I will be returning here many times, because I have been locked out of math ever since 8th grade, and I want in!!
    More later! (How quantitative of me!)

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